Welcome to Sportsvision!

Sport Vision is a new field in optometry which deals specifically with the development of techniques and practices aimed at enhancing an individual athlete's visual skill. Athletes are already trained in techniques to enhance speed, strength and endurance, so it would seem only logical that we train them to develop their visual skills.

Our services include

  • Face-to-face sessions with a qualified sport vision consultant
  • Personalised visual training program
  • Full eye examination
  • Sport specific visual tests
  • Continuous assessment by a qualified sport vision consultant
  • Dispensing of specific sport frames or contact lenses

Sport Vision Ireland is an Optometric consultancy specialising in the field of sport vision. Uniquely positioned as the 1st sport vision consultancy in Ireland, Sport Vision Ireland is at the leading edge in this exciting new field.

Sport Vision Ireland is part of Craig Henderson Opticians Limited, which was founded in October 1994 by Craig Henderson. After first opening a practice in the town of Ballynahinch, and shortly thereafter another in the town of Saintfield, Craig has spent the last twelve years tailoring his services to the clients needs and consolidating and expanding Craig Henderson Opticians Limited's position within the market place.

Sportsvision have worked with the leading competitive shots in Northern Ireland in the last 12 months in both Clay pigeon shooting specifically the Olympic skeet and Olympic trap disciplines following a direct referral form the Sports institute of N. Ireland based in the Ulster University, Jordanstown.

We have clients in both the North and South of Ireland and encourage all shooters to bring their firearms into my practice so specific measurement can be taken.

Sportsvision also work with competitive pistol shots and can supply an adjusted prescription which allows the older shooter to obtain a clear sight image once again


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